The first solar plant: Solar energy for eco hotel in Uganda.



The first solar system will be installed on the roof of Uganda’s first 5-star eco-hotel: The Aquarius Kigo Resort in the Ugandan capital of Kampala will benefit from sustainable solar energy in the future. For this first solar energy project, planned a 28 kWp solar system. The current developments in December 2020 show: The cooperation is starting faster than planned. In the video, hotel manager Nina Pirrwitz tells us about the cooperation with

  • 28 kWp solar system for Aquarius Kigo Resort in Kampala, Uganda
  • Grid quality worse than expected
  • Resort is an eco hotel and focuses on sustainability
  • Solar system is the ideal solution: reliable, safe, green
  • Solar energy solution cheaper: Hotel saves electricity costs


Manager of the Aquarius Kigo Resort, Nina Pirrwitz:

“Our resort is under construction and we will be opening shortly. Of course we need a reliable power supply. However, it became apparent that the quality of the grid is significantly worse than expected. What we urgently need is a backup system. We are very much looking forward to working with and installing the solar system. It is very important to us that we avoid environmentally harmful diesel generators, as our hotel concept is completely based on sustainability. Sustainability and environmental protection are key for the resort and therefore an environmentally friendly energy supply also plays an important role. Thus, a supply with solar power is ideal and a solar system on our own roof offers a reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly solution. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, costs play an essential role. Through the cooperation with, it is possible for us to finance a solar system. In addition, we can reduce our electricity costs by installing the solar system, since the solution from is cheaper than electricity from the grid.”

For the installation of the solar system, works together with the EPC company EQUATOR SOLAR.

16th February 2021