Our Impact

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Since our 28 kWp solar system for the eco hotel Aquarius Kigo Resort in Kampala, Uganda, began operations in summer 2021 we have been able to avoid over 15 tons of CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the emissions from an average car journey of 60,250 km. It would have taken 385 tree seedlings 10 years to absorb this amount of CO2!
  • more than 15 tons of CO2 emissions avoided
  • equivalent to 60,250 kilometers driven by car
  • or 10 years of growth of 385 tree seedlings
For our first project, 192 investors trusted our expertise and vision and invested a total of €144,950 via the crowd investing platform Green Rocket. Here you can read everything about the first enPower.life solar energy project!
Why does a small proportion of electricity come from the grid? Why not 100% solar energy?
In Uganda it is forbidden by law to feed electricity into the grid. Therefore we have to produce a little less solar power than is consumed at all times – so we never feed solar power back into the power grid.
In addition, solar power cannot easily be stored; you need a battery for this. But batteries are extraordinarily expensive and would have made the solar plant uneconomical for the Aquarius Kigo Resort. Therefore, a small proportion of the electricity comes from the grid.
How much electricity is drawn from the grid also depends on the incoming solar radiation: It is rarely cloudy in Uganda and the conditions for solar energy are ideal. But if the hotel still needs a little electricity after dark and the solar system cannot produce any electricity, the grid takes over.