How can you compensate your carbon footprint and protect the environment with a small investment in an emerging market?

15 February 2022

Author: Behzad Aghababazadeh, CEO Uganda SMC LTD

We started our journey at with a successful round of crowdfunding and 192 investors who want to make an impact helped us raise an incredible 144,950 Euro. We allocated almost one forth of this investment to our first project at Aquarius Kigo Resort, the first 5-star eco-hotel in the region Kigo near Kampala, Uganda. But how can such a small investment of about 35,000 Euro in one small project make a difference and positively impact the environment in Uganda in a short period of time?

For the first phase of this project, we installed a solar power plant that is connected to the normal power grid. The grid connection is necessary, because without a battery we have no way of storing the solar energy, and if the sun does not shine, such as after sunset, and the hotel still needs energy, this energy will come from the grid.

Let’s look at the solar power generation from 26th June 2021 when commercial operation commenced to date of writing this article on 10th February 2022:

Solar energy generation at the Aquarius Kigo Resort.

The chart demonstrates the different amounts of solar power that were generated during each month, accumulating to a total of 18,368 kWh.

But what does it mean in terms of the environmental impact? How much CO2 did we save so far? How many trees would we need to safe an equal amount? How if we compare it to the number of kilometres that driven by an average passenger vehicle and the associated emissions? All these estimations have been done by our online monitoring platform provided by our inverter manufacturer, Fronius International GmbH and illustrated in the following picture:

From 26th June 2021 to 10th February 2022, the solar plant for the Aquarius Kigo Resort avoided a total of 9.73 tons of CO2 emissions, similar to the amount that 250 tree seedlings grown over a 10-year period would sequester, or an average car would emit over the course of 39,065 km. CO2 savings

As you can see with a small involvement in a small project a lot can be accomplished in short amount of time. So far, each investor invested in more than one tree (grown over 10 years!) or has already compensated the carbon emissions equal to driving more than 200 kilometres by car. And this investment is going to run for at least another 19.5 years!

So don’t wait, take action now and make a difference for the environment! Our target at is helping and supporting our community to compensate all their carbon emissions, but we need your support and involvement. You can set targets and invest to compensate:

  • all your carbon emissions caused by driving your car
  • all your carbon emissions caused by cooking
  • all your carbon emissions caused by travelling by airplane, train, bus, etc.
  • all your carbon emissions caused by turning on your lamps, appliances, heating and cooling systems at home
  • or all your carbon footprint

And the best: Whilst your investment helps you compensate your carbon emissions, you are actually going to make money yourself: We offer competitive interest rates higher than at any bank!

So act now and give us your target! Just send us an email to and our team will help you accomplish your goal.