Tired of unethical investments? Solar energy offers a green alternative!

You’ve been wanting to invest your money and grow a passive income – but the unethical business practices of many companies are no match for your sustainable vibes? You want to make money and do good for the planet, the climate, and other people? We couldn’t agree more.

enPower.life offers sustainable investment opportunities for investors who understand that their money has power – no matter how big or small the amount they invest. For over two years now, we have been busy providing small and medium sized sustainable businesses in Uganda with solar energy. Solar energy provides a clean and green alternative to the commonly used diesel generators. And diesel generators don’t only pollute the environment, they are also unsafe to use. But because the electricity grid in Uganda faces frequent outages, they are still widely in use to cover gaps in electricity supply.

But whilst solar energy provides a powerful alternative that is clean, reliable – and even cheaper than electricity from the grid, the upfront costs for a solar plant are often too high. To cover these upfront costs, enPower.life developed a unique business model. Impact investors can invest in their favorite projects, thus helping finance a solar plant. enPower.life installs the solar system for our client and makes sure everything runs smoothly. The solar energy is cheaper for our client than electricity from the grid, or diesel generators, and, of course, much better for the environment and safer. We let our solar plant to our client, and navigate the income streams back to our investors, who benefit from attractive interest rates.

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26 January 2023