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We are stoked to share with you our episode at sustainability podcast Green Thru with CEO Eric Della Casa!

Eric founded Green Thru with the goal to make complex sustainability questions easy-to-understand, and highlight the most exciting startups and businesses with a sustainability mission. In his weekly podcast, Eric interviews the founders of sustainable businesses and sustainability experts, and our CEO Thomas Frank was the guest for the latest episode!

You can now listen to the episode on Google Podcasts, on Apple Podcasts, and on Spotify! episode on sustainability podcast Green Thru:

Listen now!

We thank Eric for a very exciting and insightful talk about the successful operation of the solar plant for the Aquarius Kigo Resort in Uganda, future plans for and more.

Get a little sneak peak with the teaser of the episode here:


About the episode: “How can renewable energy projects in developing economies be sponsored by retail investors and how are such projects ensured to succeed? The conversation with Thomas Frank explores the logistical, economic and social intricacies associated with ensuring that such projects are run successfully in developing economies. Tune in to find out more about’s latest successful project in Uganda through the installation of solar panels at a 5-star eco-tourism hotel near Kampala and much more, enjoy!”

Eric Della Casa CEO of sustainability podcast Green Thru

Eric Della Casa, CEO of sustainability podcast Green Thru

About Eric Della Casa: After his BSc in Banking, Finance and Management from Loughborugh University and his MSc in Investment Management at Cass Business School, he decided to broaden his knowledge within the sustainability sphere through the undertaking of the course ‘Business and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions’ at University of Cambridge.

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