Solar plant about to be commissioned: installation complete.

07th September 2022

We successfully completed the installation of the 35 kWp solar rooftop system for Yujo Izakaya. Now it is just a matter of final steps and tests before the solar rooftop plant will start operating.

Next time you hear from us, the solar rooftop system for Yujo Izakaya will produce green electricity.

Stay tuned for the coming photos and videos!

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Worker on the roof with the solar plant of Yujo Izakaya, Kampala, Uganda.

Several sustainable companies will benefit from the solar rooftop system on the roof of Yujo Izakaya. The solar plant is about to be commissioned and Yujo Izakaya will be supplied with green solar power.

35 kWp solar plant for Yujo Izakaya: construction moving forward

10th August 2022

The construction of the 35 kWp solar system for Yujo Izakaya is progressing steadily. The first panels are attached to the mounting structure and the solar system will soon begin to supply clean solar power. Everyone will benefit from this:
Yujo Izakaya can reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to environmental and climate protection. The sustainable business community that consists of multiple sustainable businesses, is thus becoming even greener! The businesses also save on electricity costs because our solar energy solution is cheaper than electricity from the grid or from diesel generators. This improves the economic situation for the companies – there is more money left for other important purchases. And last but not least, our impact investors benefit – because on the one hand they get paid a profitable interest rate, and on the other hand they get to enjoy the feeling of taking a step towards the global sustainable development that our world needs.

  • Avoidance of CO2 emissions
  • Sustainable businesses become even greener
  • Profitability improves: businesses save on electricity costs
  • Investors benefit from interest rates
  • Investors actively support sustainable development

Green finance – a profitable investment strategy? An interview with the COO of

26th July 2022

Our COO Behzad Aghababazadeh just completed the Blended Learning on Green Energy and Climate Finance from renewables academy RENAC. In this brief interview, he shares some of the most surprising insights, and how green energy and climate finance helps impact investors.


  1. Behzad, you just completed a course on Green Energy and Climate Finance from renewables academy RENAC. What was this all about?

The course provides a comprehensive overview of financing of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects from the bank’s perspective. I have always applied such financing methods as an engineer, but this course deepened my existing knowledge and taught me additional skills.


  1. What is green finance, and how does it relate to our clients as well as our impact investors?

Green finance is all about redirecting the flow of money from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to sustainable development priorities. It is a partnership between the three main stakeholders: the government, businesses, and citizens. For citizens, it comes down to their awareness of sustainable options, their willingness to pay for them, and whether they live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

With, we want to offer citizens a way in which they can contribute to sustainable development whilst benefitting themselves. Citizens of developed countries in the EU, and in particular Germany because that is where we are based, have the opportunity to invest in solar energy projects and benefit from profitable interest rates and positively impact society. At the same time, we offer a more environmentally friendly lifestyle for the citizens of emerging markets.


  1. Wouldn’t investors make more money from traditional (non-green) investments though?

Often when we speak about green or climate finance many people believe that it is a type of donation, but the interesting point is that whilst we are helping the planet and making society fairer, evidence is mounting that green businesses offer more economically sustainable and higher returns for investors than non-green investments.


  1. What is the most surprising thing you learned in your course?

I believe the way that the banks are conducting the project due diligence was a real anchor point in all these topics. You clearly see how they think and evaluate things while as an engineer, you may never have seen such aspects of the project – and even if you have, you don’t know how to manage it. For example, this includes the risk evaluation of the projects and risk mitigation measures that can be applied to minimize the identified risks.


  1. Why was this course important to you?

It is always nice that you can participate in a diverse environment of professionals who are practicing same thing in different corners of the world and who share their experiences. It gives you a more holistic approach to the reality of the industry and provides better solutions and new food for thought. solar panels for Yujo Izakaya have arrived!

18th July 2022

We are so excited and humbled to announce that the solar panels, inverters, and mounting structures for the 35 kWp solar plant for sustainable business community Yujo Izakaya have arrived in Kampala!

We will shortly begin the installation of the solar plant in cooperation with our partner EQUATOR SOLAR. Transitioning to solar energy is a big step for Yujo Izakaya and CEO and founder Hanif Rehemtulla is excited to power his restaurant with clean energy soon. We also want to extend a warm THANK YOU to all our supporters and impact investors. Together, we are changing the energy landscape and contributing to a more sustainable world as outlined in the UN sustainable development goals.

Watch the short video with Hanif to see how excited he is!


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Load video on Fingreen: Everything on sustainable investing!

28 June 2022

We are happy about the new cooperation with Fingreen! Fingreen brings consumers and investors closer to everything about green investments as a basis for sustainable development. is now also listed on Fingreen, joining a list of other leading sustainable companies.

If you want to invest sustainably, you can find comprehensive information on Fingreen and learn everything about green stocks, green funds/EFTs, and sustainable investment strategies. Make sure you stop by!

One year at Aquarius Kigo Resort

27th June 2022

We are pleased to celebrate our project’s first year anniversary at Aquarius Kigo Resort. commissioned the 28 kWp isolated grid solar plant at Aquarius Kigo Resort on the 26th of June 2021. Within the past 365 days, we have already contributed around 32 MWh of clean, affordable, and reliable solar energy into the resort’s daily consumption which resulted in 16.88 tons of CO2 savings equal to avoiding almost 67,740 km of a passenger car traveling. On this occasion, we also talked in a friendly interview with Mr. Fard Kutesa, the General Operational Manager of the resort, to hear his experience from the time the plant was installed until today. We invite you to watch this interview about their experiences and we remind you not to miss the last 5 minutes if you want to see the resort’s solar power plant and its components.


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Enjoy watching!


Holistic Renewable Energy Solutions for the Tea Industries in Uganda:, GIZ, and Equator Solar conference.

21st June 2022

Tea is one of Uganda’s main exports and the tea industry plays an important role in the country’s economy. In cooperation with GIZ and EQUATOR SOLAR, recently held a seminar at the Aquarius Kigo Resort in Kampala to jointly develop holistic renewable energy solutions for the tea industry.

Our on-site financial expert, Natalia Walton, presented our tailor-made solar energy solutions and showed how financing is also possible for small and medium-sized companies thanks to our unique business model.

enpowerlife representative Natalia Walton at the conference hosted by the GIZ and Equator Solar about holistic solar energy solutions for the tea industry in Uganda.

Our finance expert Natalia Walton at the conference hosted by the GIZ and Equator Solar on holistic solar energy solutions for the tea industry in Uganda.

Discover on Climate Marketplace and invest now!

07 June 2022 is now listed on Climate Marketplace! Climate Marketplace is an online that connects investors with start-ups that tackle climate change around the world.

We are proud to join the roster of other amazing start-ups that value sustainability and climate protection and are excited to present ourselves to even more impact investors on this platform as well.

Are you interested in investing in one of our solar energy projects in Uganda? Click here to find out more!
Investing is super easy, only takes a few minutes, and starts from 50 €. For our current project, the 35 kWp solar plant for the sustainable business community Yujo Izakaya in Kampala, Uganda, we are now looking for a few last investors to close the investment round: Help us raise the remaining 16.450 € so we can get the solar plant up-and-running and complete our mission!

You help tackle the global climate crisis, whilst benefitting from high interest rates.

Invest now! solar energy: A powerful solution to cushion spiking electricity prices in Uganda due to Ukraine war

21th April 2022

We have big news to share: has ordered the solar panels and inverters for the 35 kWp solar plant for the sustainable business community Yujo Izakaya in Kampala, Uganda. We spoke to Hanif Rehemtulla, the founder and director of Yujo Izakaya. In the video he gives insights into how the war in Ukraine has affected the prices for electricity and wheat products in Uganda. As CEO of the Yujo Izakaya restaurant, after which the business community is named, he is looking forward to the upcoming installation of the solar plant: It will improve independence and help all companies to remain profitable, save costs, and lower CO2 emissions.

For everyone who is still considering investing in this project (and benefiting from the attractive interest rates): Join us now! You can find out more and invest sustainably here:

To the current sustainable investments

Prefer reading to watching a video? Sroll down for the transcript!


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Video transcript

Hello again!

I’m Hanif from Yujo Izakaya. I’m reaching out to give you an update on the solar plant installation for Yujo Izakaya. We have some great news this week: the contract has been signed with Equator Solar [’s partner company, specialized in the installation of solar plants in East Africa] for our roof – yay! The first funds have been collected and the orders for the solar panels and the inverter have been placed. If all goes well, we’ll have everything up on the roof in a few months, and we’re thrilled! We are really overjoyed that our solar plant is coming soon.

We are experiencing a lot of pressure on prices for various things for the Yujo Izakaya restaurant. The prices for wheat and wheat flour have risen sharply. A lot of the grains for Uganda and East Africa come from Ukraine. And so the Ukraine war affects the price of the flour that goes into our pasta, our dumplings, and other items on our menu. Prices have only just started to go up and I think they will continue to do so throughout the year.

Energy costs have been hit even harder; the oil and gas prices and the resulting electricity prices. This is due to the use of fossil fuels for electricity production in Uganda, and this has a significant impact on our energy prices. So the installation of this solar system will really make a big difference, for us and for the tenants throughout the site; to offset the amount of carbon we put into the environment and keep our costs down for all of our businesses. So we are very much looking forward to the solar plant coming soon.

And for those of you who are still considering investing sustainably – we hope you will take the opportunity to participate in the last investment round. We are really looking forward to this project. The solar panels will be installed right here on this roof behind us. I’m recording from up here with the three roofs as you can see. Here above the brewery Banange Breweries and Yujo Izakaya is where everything will sit and all the electricity will be produced for us by the sun. See you soon, I’ll be back with more info soon.

How can you compensate your carbon footprint and protect the environment with a small investment in an emerging market?

15 February 2022

Author: Behzad Aghababazadeh, CEO Uganda SMC LTD

We started our journey at with a successful round of crowdfunding and 192 investors who want to make an impact helped us raise an incredible 144,950 Euro. We allocated almost one forth of this investment to our first project at Aquarius Kigo Resort, the first 5-star eco-hotel in the region Kigo near Kampala, Uganda. But how can such a small investment of about 35,000 Euro in one small project make a difference and positively impact the environment in Uganda in a short period of time?

For the first phase of this project, we installed a solar power plant that is connected to the normal power grid. The grid connection is necessary, because without a battery we have no way of storing the solar energy, and if the sun does not shine, such as after sunset, and the hotel still needs energy, this energy will come from the grid.

Let’s look at the solar power generation from 26th June 2021 when commercial operation commenced to date of writing this article on 10th February 2022:

Solar energy generation at the Aquarius Kigo Resort.

The chart demonstrates the different amounts of solar power that were generated during each month, accumulating to a total of 18,368 kWh.

But what does it mean in terms of the environmental impact? How much CO2 did we save so far? How many trees would we need to safe an equal amount? How if we compare it to the number of kilometres that driven by an average passenger vehicle and the associated emissions? All these estimations have been done by our online monitoring platform provided by our inverter manufacturer, Fronius International GmbH and illustrated in the following picture:

From 26th June 2021 to 10th February 2022, the solar plant for the Aquarius Kigo Resort avoided a total of 9.73 tons of CO2 emissions, similar to the amount that 250 tree seedlings grown over a 10-year period would sequester, or an average car would emit over the course of 39,065 km. CO2 savings

As you can see with a small involvement in a small project a lot can be accomplished in short amount of time. So far, each investor invested in more than one tree (grown over 10 years!) or has already compensated the carbon emissions equal to driving more than 200 kilometres by car. And this investment is going to run for at least another 19.5 years!

So don’t wait, take action now and make a difference for the environment! Our target at is helping and supporting our community to compensate all their carbon emissions, but we need your support and involvement. You can set targets and invest to compensate:

And the best: Whilst your investment helps you compensate your carbon emissions, you are actually going to make money yourself: We offer competitive interest rates higher than at any bank!

So act now and give us your target! Just send us an email to and our team will help you accomplish your goal.