In many emerging countries there is still an insufficient power supply. Many people have no access to electricity at all because regions are not connected to the grid, and the electricity grid often fails: power outages and gaps in the production and supply of goods are common consequences. The effects are particularly dramatic in hospitals, schools, and in food production. To bridge gaps in the power supply, people use old diesel generators. But the diesel generators are dangerous to operate, expensive, and harmful to the climate. Climate-friendly solar energy offers a great alternative: Solar power is safe, reliable, cheap and sustainable. But while solar power is very cheap, the solar panels are too expensive for most institutions and companies in emerging countries.

The problem: The demand for affordable, reliable solar power is very high in emerging countries, the technology is well developed, and the conditions are good (many hours of sunshine), but the customers cannot afford the solar panels. At the same time, there are hardly any sustainable investment opportunities for investors who want to do good with their money.

This is where enPower.life comes into play and closes the gap: Investors get the opportunity to invest in sustainable projects via crowdfunding. These investments finance the solar panels.

enPower.life ensures that all components fit together: Procurement of the investment, delivery and installation of the solar panels directly at the customers’ roofs as well as the maintenance of the panels.

As a result, everyone benefits: The local people benefit from affordable, clean and reliable solar energy, and investors benefit from the interest rate on their investment.

By the way: The solar panels are assets that remain in the possession of enPower.life: This offers additional security for your investment.


Achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

enPower.life acts in alignment with the UN sustainable development goals.

In 2015, under the umbrella of the United Nations, the global community committed itself to creating a better future for all by adopting the 2030 Agenda. A decent life should be made possible worldwide, and at the same time, the natural basis of life should be preserved and protected. To this end, 17 concrete goals were formulated, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which encompass ecological, social and economic aspects. In addition, the 2030 Agenda emphasizes the shared responsibility of all actors: politics, business, science, civil society and every single person.

enPower.life wants to help create a better future for everyone and combines climate protection, energy supply and economic sustainability. That is why enPower.life has committed itself to shaping its activities in alignment with the UN sustainability goals. The three goals of affordable and clean energy (7), sustainable consumption and production (12) and climate protection measures (13) are directly addressed. The activities of enPower.life also have an indirect positive effects on the other goals.