Company is a company based in Hamburg, Germany. The international team combines over 20 years of experience in the fields energy efficiency and renewable energy – based on more than 300 projects that were successfully implemented worldwide. The experiences that the team made throughout the years led to the founding of


Why we act

The effects of climate change become more drastic, tens of thousands of people suffer from the direct consequences already now, and many people in emerging countries don’t have any or only limited access to electricity. Electricity outages endanger human lives (hospitals), the education of the next generation (schools), and safe food production (no cooling possible). On the one hand, countries with a high solar potential have a high demand for sustainable and affordable solar energy, and the technology exists and delivers electricity reliably. But an improvement of the electrification situation fails, because of missing financing means: Small and medium sized businesses in emerging countries simply cannot afford a solar panel.

On the other hand, there are almost no sustainable investment opportunities.

What makes the business model of special is that it offers a combined solution for these two problems. In the up-and-coming emerging countries, people and the environment benefit from the promotion of growth industries and climate protection. Also key sectors such as schools and hospitals can also be supported in this way. On the other hand, investors have the chance to become part of industrial development aid in emerging countries while benefiting from the returns on their investments. In this way, you can do good with your own money in line with the UN sustainability goals and actively contribute to climate protection. A win-win situation where everyone will benefit.


How the business model works

The business model of is based on two pillars.

On the one hand, sells solar power to end customers. The special thing about that: The solar power is generated directly on site at the customer’s facility. is the owner of the solar panels and thus acts as an independent power producer. As a result, companies that would otherwise not be able to get financing for renewable energy projects can benefit from a clean and most importantly safe and reliable energy supply.

The sale is regulated by a power purchase agreement (PPA). The terms of the PPAs are adjusted to each country’s regulations and requirements. The customer provides their roofs or land and builds their solar panels there, that will produce solar energy for many years. The duration of the contracts is usually 20 years. At the same time, offers investors the opportunity to invest in sustainable development in emerging countries. In addition to the technical infrastructure, also provides the business framework.